Eden Waters

EDEN WATERS by PWAN HOMES (A dry land facing the ocean)

This is the biggest gift of the year!

PWAN HOMES unveils a brand new luxury estate in the new Lagos, Ibeju-lekki and it is named EDEN WATERS.

This estate does come with the cool breeze of nature, as it faces the ocean (An Oceanview).

EDEN WATERS topography is 100% Dryland, and it is currently selling at the initial price of #1,200,000 (One Million Two Hundred Thousand Naira/ 600SQM), payable as outright or on 3 months installment.

EDEN WATERS comes with an Instant Allocation.

Coordinates: 646706.408mE/ 706020.284mN

Inspection to site has commenced from the PWAN HOMES Office, starting from 10 am every day.

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