Our objectives is to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in Real Estate and other selected businesses
We participate in the search for and development of property to meet evolving client’s needs and the country’s growing demand for properties.




Our Values
At PWAN HOMES, we are solution based and core value driven. We want you to expect more from us – better service, complete honesty, professional treatment and a team of professionals dedicated to your success.
Meeting these expectations begins with our A. R. I. S. E Core Values:

To make land and home ownership a reality for many Africans as possible
To us, every African should own a house and that it should not be a herculean task doing so. 

Our mission is to make home ownership dream a reality for all. We discover where cheap, fast developing lands are and make these available to our customers and also expose them to different means by which they can raise the required capital to build their own house either through the sale of the land acquired by them or through other opportunities..

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