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The point of self-study, is that you put your effort into it. After all, in order for you to learn something, you have to put in a tremendous amount of effort and exertion. You don’t tear yourself away hanging on the bars at school until you get kicked out. You spend your time and energy learning things you don’t like and you struggle to learn the material you want. Not listening to your inner voice, which tells you that you know it well, when in fact you don’t.

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However, perhaps you, like me, are not yet used to treating yourself too critically and accepting your own mistakes and failures as inevitable. And now I wanted to tell you about one of those things that helps you to do the right thing. It is the one thing you should learn by heart.

Arthur Schopenhauer 

It is a truth that has been known for a long time, but for many it remains unavailable. So, I’d like to talk about it today. Yes, it’s just one of Schopenhauer’s tenets, but nevertheless, I think it should be one of the most important tenets of your life. “A mistake is not an unforeseen malfunction, it is something that you can influence,” was what this philosopher said.

“Errors are but the inevitable consequence of what we already know,” said another great philosopher. No one knows how to articulate this truth better than you.

The very last phrase usually has a period, but I invite you to think about the question, “What do I know about this truth?” Very often we don’t think about anything but our jobs and finances, or soap and a stingy wife. But we completely miss time for our mistakes. And as soon as these thoughts start to visit you, immediately throw them out of your head.

You have to understand that mistakes are not the case when you have to apply useless actions or take actions that are useless.

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