Soldout Estates

Flourish Uyo
Flourish City, Karshi 
Rafin Kwara, Karshi Development Area, Nasarawa 
(1021 Reviews)
300sqm Title: Right of Occupancy, Deed of Assignment & Registered Survey
Flourish City Karshi is an estate that offers incredible investment opportunities at an affordable price. FC, Karshi is the ideal choice for a stylish lifestyle for residents and one of the best profit-turn estates for the future. Flourish City, Karshi is set in a  developing environment with promising contemporary features that lead to a comfortable and opulent lifestyle.
Outright price: ₦‎600,000 
6 Months Installment: ₦‎750,000 
12 Months Installment: ₦‎900,000 
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